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10 Best Housing Construction Companies in Sri Lanka

 10 Best Housing Construction Companies in Sri Lanka

10 Best Housing Construction Companies in Sri Lanka

10 Best Housing Construction Companies in Sri Lanka

The real estate economy in Sri Lank has been on the rise over the last decades. It has given rise to a growing number of investors and real estate developers.

There are many housing construction companies in Sri Lanka catering to the needs and shelter of over 21 million people. However, the article will provide you with details of the best housing construction companies in this country.


1). MVIVO (PVT) Ltd

MVIVO (PVT) Ltd is the number one high-quality home builder in Sri Lanka. MVIVO (PVT) Ltd provides free consultation and designing of your dream home. From Single Story Homes and Villas, Two Story Homes and Villas, Three Story Homes and Holiday Homes and Villas, they have you covered.

MVIVO (PVT) Ltd also provides land sales services to its customers along with the construction and design of houses.

MVIVO (PVT) Ltd have built several luxury hotels and apartment located precisely at Negombo Village which is in close proximity to Bandaranaike International Airport.

2). Lex Duco

Located in Kalubowila, Colombo, Lex Duco is one of the best home construction companies in Sri Lanka. Lex Duca has served over 1500+ clients all over major cities in Sri Lanka with more than 50% of their projects in the Colombo District.

Lex Duco renders services such as free consultation to your housing designs and planning and cost estimation. They also charge low in terms of the total cost as compared to most construction companies in Colombo District.


3). MSS Homes Pvt Ltd

MSS Homes Pvt Ltd is a private housing construction company in Sri Lanka.  MSS Homes Pvt Ltd renders services such as housing designing, house construction, and house renovation and alternation.

They have built several houses in several cities in Sri Lanka and over the past 24 years, services have continued to grow in providing the best customer services to the general public.


4). Nirmala House Construction

Nirmala House Construction was created in 1980 and its aim is to provide construction services such as consulting services, residential real estate construction, shopping complexes, multistory buildings, etc.

Nirmala House Construction provides services such as Building & House Plans, House plan Analyzing, Estimating (BOQ), Constructions Service, Roof Designs, and Architectural Designs. Nirmala House Construction also provides the sales of building materials at a low cost.

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5). Siripela Homes & Construction

Siripela Homes & Construction is one of the best construction companies in Sri Lanka, it solely focuses on the construction of real estate houses, sales of land, sales of already constructed houses, and many more.

With over 25 years of business operation, Siripela Homes & Construction has more than 200+ different designs for you to choose from and build your dream home.

From the construction of single-story, and multi-story houses and commercial buildings, Siripela Homes & Construction is at your service.

6). Lions home Lanka (pvt) Ltd.

Lions home Lanka (pvt) Ltd is rank among the top housing construction companies in Sri Lanka. Lion’s home Lanka (Pvt) Ltd provides services such as building construction, building repairs, and custom designs.

Lion’s home Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has experienced and well-trained architects and civil engineers that make use of the newest and modern technology to bring your dream house into reality.

Lion’s home Lanka (pvt) Ltd was first established in 1996 and over the years has built several modern houses in Sri Lanka.

Lion’s home Lanka (pvt) Ltd also renders construction of multi-storied apartments, Malls, Shopping complexes, Commercial Showrooms, commercial buildings, and Industrial buildings.


7). Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd

Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd is one of the oldest construction companies in Sri Lanka. Since its inception in 1915, Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd has developed to be one of the most successful construction companies in Sri Lanka.

No matter the type of house you need, Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd have you covered. If, you are coming to Sri Lanka for the first time and in need of a piece of land, Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd is right there at your service.

Vajira House Builders (Pvt) Ltd also renders several free services to users such as free consultation, free interior 3D design plan, survey plan approvals, municipal council approval, etc.

8). OMEGA House & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd

One cannot speak of home construction companies in Sri Lanka without mentioning OMEGA House & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd.

This small private home construction company is charged with the construction and decoration of your homes, swimming pools, warehouses, electrical plumbing, etc.

For any inquiries about this small construction company, contact Mr. Nenaruwan at 0772 705 484

9). NCI Home (Head Office)

NCI Home is also rank among the best housing construction companies in Sri Lanka. It was first created in 2001 and has grown to be one the leading real estate developers in Sri Lanka.

NCI Home render services such as landcaping, planning, designing, and home construction. NCI Home also provides free consultation services to its customers such as designing building plans, plan approval, bill of quantities, and arranging a loan facility.

Some of their past housing construction projects include Wells Park, sites in Kandy, Ranawana Housing Project, Nugawela Housing Project, Abathenna Housing Project, and Iriyagama Housing Project, just to name a few.

10). Vonlan Constructions Private Ltd

Vonlan Constructions Private Ltd was first established in 2007 and since its inception; it has grown to be one of the best home construction companies in Sri Lanka.

Its uses modern technology to provide construction services such as Water Supply and Sewerage, power plant construction, roads, and highways construction, airport construction, and home construction.

Vonlan Constructions Private Ltd has a well-equipped and qualified team ready to take your construction project from consultation stage to end of the project construction.

When it comes towards building construction, Vonlan Constructions Private Ltd is the best towards renovation and maintenance. They are responsible for major building projects such as the canteen building for Toyota Lanka, Palekeles stadium; staff quarters Plonaruwa WSP, etc.


As mentioned before, the above listed are the best housing construction companies in Sri Lanka. There are many more housing constructions in the country.

The real estate construction also has been growing very fast, even with the Sri Lanka financial crisis, it has grown rapidly.

The government of Sri Lanka has also provided great support to the construction industry through tax incentives and the building of vocational schools to help educate and build more civil engineers.