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Top 7 Home Construction Companies in Zambia

 Top 7 Home Construction Companies in Zambia

Top 7 Home Construction Companies in Zambia

Are you looking for the best home construction companies in Zambia? Look no further for the best home construction companies in Zambia! This article provides the top 7 options so you can choose the one that works for you.


1). Neer construction ltd

Neer construction ltd is a civil engineering and home construction company in Zambia. It was opened to the public in 2007 and have over the years grown to be one of the top home construction company in Zambia.

Neer construction ltd renders services of consultation for individuals and companies who need services of construction planning. Consultation services for individuals and companies who need construction services.

Neer construction ltd provides the services of residential and commercial estate construction, along with interior design services.

Neer construction ltd also involves with land development and landscaping services. It also involves the installation of transmission lines.


2). Suscon Construction

Suscon Construction is one of the Top home construction companies in Zambia. This is one of the only Zambia construction companies that operat not only in Zambia but also in other African countries.

Suscon Construction provides the construction of greenhouses and complexes. Suscon Construction is in charge of the services of construction, roofing, and electrical solar installation in residential and commercial buildings.

Suscon Construction will be at your disposal for the construction of warehouses, office space, schools and orphanages, hospitals, luxury and exclusive homes, and low and medium costing housing.

3). Kaddoura Construction

Kaddoura Construction has been rated as the top construction company in Zambia. The company provides a whole range of services to the public.

Kaddoura Construction is in charge of the services of building residential houses such as military houses, townhouse complexes, and cluster housing complexes.  

Kaddoura Construction is also involved with the construction of commercial structures such as restaurants, office buildings, and shopping centers.

Some of their projects involve the construction of military barracks in Lusaka, the British American Tobacco, and the Green park luxury complexes in Lusaka.

Kaddoura Construction is also engaged with the construction of public estate estates schools, universities, hospitals, and government facilities.

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4). Alumen Fabricators

Alumen Fabricators is a construction company in Zmabia that became functional in 2014. They are in charge of giving your new home the great looks, beauty, and design it needs.

They provide high-quality ISO9001-certified aluminum profiles to home and office space institutions.

For your home, they provide opening systems, curtains walls and atriums, shading, and shutter systems, security systems, frameless showers, and balustrades.

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5). Planet Home Innovations

If you want to furnish your newly constructed home, then Planet Home Innovations is the right place for you.

As one of the leading construction companies in Zambia, they use Melamine and 'unfinished' granite/quartz/Caesar stone to serve as key raw materials in producing high-quality modern furniture for opulent homes and offices.

Allow Planet Home Innovations to give your kitchen, bar, room, shop counters, office desk the new look that it deserves.


6). K2 Construction

K2 Construction is one of the top home construction companies in Zambia. It has its office located in Lusaka and has been operational to the public since 2001.

K2 Construction provides underground utility construction installation services such as fiber, cable, sewer, natural gas, water, and electrical installation.

K2 Construction is also engaged with concrete paving of highways, streets, parking lots, and residential properties. They also provide concrete structures such as pump stations, inlet construction, and concrete box culverts.

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7). Lusen Construction

Our last on the list of top home construction companies in Zambia is the Lusen Construction.

Lusen Construction render services such as general construction like construction of warehouses, residential buildings, commercial buildings, office space, interior design, and installation of suspended ceilings.

Lusen Construction also involves roads and civil works such as the construction of drainage systems, culverts and curbstones, construction of steel bridges, dam construction, and high-rise buildings, and most importantly, they rendered maintenance work services.



If you are looking for a dependable home construction company in Zambia, start by exploring this list of the top ten contractors.

Whether you need a contractor for a major remodel or your first home. Make the right decision when choosing a home construction company in Zambia.