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10 Best Transportation Companies In Zambia

 10 Best Transportation Companies In Zambia

The Zambia transportation sector is one of the fastest growing and income-generating sectors in Zambia. Due to government support, the transportation sector has grown from being in the hands of the state alone to the hands of the private sector where its properly managed.

The transportation business is very profitable in Zambia. Ranging from human transportation to cargo transportation, these companies do their best to provide absolute the best services to their users.

There are many transportation companies in Zambia, but below are the 10 best transportation companies you should know.

10 Best Transportation Companies In Zambia

1). Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited

The first on the list of the best transportation and logistics companies in Zambia is Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited. This company has been providing transportation services to users for more than 2 decades now in Zambia.

Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited has its head offices in Lusaka and Ndola.

Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited is armed to the teeth with well skills and professionals who endeavour to provide one of the best services in Zambia.

Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited is often regarded by the public as one of the best logistics companies as it has good and affordable pricing packages and also has a good extensive network that can render services from Zambia to all over the African continent.

Services provided by Bollore Transport & Logistics Zambia Limited include; Air and sea Freight, warehouse and storage facilities, cargo clearance from the seaport and mostly importantly road transportation services.

2). Lubinga Transport:

The next on the list of best transportation companies in Zambia is Lubinga Transport. Lubinga Transport is a family-owned company that has been in operation for more than ten years. They provide a variety of services such as trucking, shipping, and logistics. Their drivers are knowledgeable and dependable, and they always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

3). Zambezi Freight Services Ltd

Zambezi Freight Services Ltd is also regarded as one of the best transport service companies in Zambia. It's located in Lusaka. Zambezi Freight Services Ltd provides trucking services and it's one of the most trusted trucking service logistic companies in Zambia.

Zambezi Freight Services Ltd also has many years of services and professional experience in providing users with the best trucking and haulage services in Zambia.

4). Lift and Shift Trucking (Z) Limited

Lift and Shift Trucking (Z) Limited is one of the best transport companies in Zambia.

Lift and Shift Trucking (Z) Limited is mostly involved with the transportation and supplier of equipment all over Zambia.

Their major services provided includes; Cargo Transportation, General Logistics, Realtime cargo Tracking, road transportation, Packaging & Storage and Weighbridge.

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5). Bikolinah Logistics Limited

Unlike other transportation companies in Zambia that render the services of logistics to users, Bikolinah Logistics Limited instead is involved with the rentals of transport vehicles to users in need. If you need a luxury wedding car to help spice a wedding ceremony, Bikolinah Logistics Limited is at your service.

Other logistics services provided include; airport and hotel transfer, contracted bus services, personal road trips, safari trips, family travel, and group travel, just to name a few.

6). Caribuni Investments Ltd

Caribuni Investments Ltd is located in Lusaka. This company provides a variety of services. Concerning transportation and logistics, it offers airport transfer services to the general public. They can pick you up or your cargo from home, hotel and safety delivery to the Zambia international airport.

7). Furniture Removal & Delivery Mandahill Transport Lusaka

Furniture Removal & Delivery Mandahill Transport Lusaka also known as Flatbedhire is a logistics company in Zambia that is in charge of the removal and transportation of goods such as furniture from one city in Zambia to another. 

They provide excellent services and also help to track the movement of your furniture’s from one stop point to the next.

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8). Circle Transtra International

Circle Transtra is one of Zambia's leading freight forwarding and customs clearing companies since its establishment in 1992. It involves the transportation of both road and airfreight in Zambia.

Circle Transtar International works internationally with our affiliated company Denholm Global Logistics Limited. All cargo leaving the UK and Europe is combined by Denholm Global Logistics Limited, which also maintains a worldwide network of agents.

9). Mercury Express Logistics

Mercury Express Logistics is rated as one of the best transport and logistics companies in Zambia. Its help transport and deliver any of your goods to any location in Zambia and at the international level.

Major services include Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Cross Border Road Freight, Multimodal Freight, Road Freight, warehousing and storage facilities, Pharmaceutical Warehousing, Distribution services and Custom Clearance and pick and pack services.

10). MSC-Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC-Mediterranean Shipping Company is an international shipping and trading company which has a branch in Zambia.

It provides shipping services such as inland shipping, air cargo shipping, water shipping, digital solutions, and peace of mind solution.

The company operates in Zambia and many overseas countries.


The logistics industry is a rapidly growing business industry. It calls for more new players to enter this business sector.

These transportation companies in Zambia provide a variety of services, ranging from human transportation to cargo transportation.

What makes one company differ from another lies in the type of services it provides, the customer service rendered and the price cost it charges. However, the above 10 are the best-listed logistics services companies in Zambia.