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Top 10 Road Construction Companies In Zimbabwe

 Top 10 Road Construction Companies In Zimbabwe

Are you looking for the top 10 road construction companies in Zimbabwe? Are you a student? Are you a contractor? or perhaps a client looking for the best construction company to build or reconstruct your existing community roads. 

If yes, worry no more. This blog post will provide you will great insight into some of the best construction companies in Zimbabwe.

These road construction companies also provide other services such as electrical installations, water drilling and residential constructions.

Top 10 Road Construction Companies In Zimbabwe

1). Kardia Holdings

Kardia Holdings is ranked one of the best and top road construction companies in Zimbabwe. Kardia Holdings is located at Elina House, Cnr Midlothian Ave and Pebbles Road, Eastlea, Harare.

When it comes towards road construction, Kardia Holdings delivers quality and efficient services.

They render services in road constriction such as the installation and repair of concrete pads, Asphalt and resin-bound surfacing work, Tarmac surfacing, maintenance and repairs, High-friction material for an anti-skid surface, repairs of potholes, white lining and demarcation, sealing of cracks and joints and Structural waterproofing in superb time.

Kardia Holdings operates in major urban areas such as Bindura, Bulawayo, Chegutu, Chinhoyi, Gweru, Harare, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Marondera, Masvingo, Mutare, Rusape and Vic Falls.

Kardia Holdings also offer extra services such as painting, plumbing, electrical installation, and brick pavements.

2). Tencraft Construction

Located at 5 Amby Drive, Greendale, Harare, Tencraft Construction is one of the top road construction companies in Zimbabwe.

Tencraft Construction became operational in 2006 and over the years grow significantly in size and capacity.

Tencraft Construction is also involved with the rehabilitation and reconstruction of old and existing road networks.

They are also involved with the maintenance of surfaced and gravel roads, pothole patching and regular road maintenance.

Tencraft Construction is also in charge of the services of production and marketing of hardstands for warehouses, oil separators, factories etc.

3). Bitumen World

Just like Tencraft Construction, Bitumen World is also one of the top road construction companies in Zimbabwe.

It has its head offices at 30 George Ave, Msasa Harare, and 10 Pretorius Street Donnington Bulawayo.

Bitumen World first opens its door to the general public in 2012 and it involves services such as infrastructure Development, Roadwork, Water and Sewer Reticulation and Concrete Works.

Bitumen World also has a working labour force of 50 professionals in its team.

When it comes towards road construction, Bitumen World renders services such as road markings road signs and symbols, stormwater drainage and layer works. They also involve the maintenance and reconstruction of potholes etc.

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4). Frontline Contracting

Frontline Contracting's ultimate goal is to make sure roads and bridges are well done in Zimbabwe.

Frontline Contracting is also known in Zimbabwe for the construction and building of facilities for individuals, companies and the state.

Frontline Contracting has also engaged in the construction of schools, residential houses, and pothole patching services.

5). Masimba Holdings Limited

Masimba Holdings Limited is a well-established road construction company in Zimbabwe. They make sure of modern technologically advanced equipment in the provision of their services.

Masimba Holdings Limited is charged with the construction of building projects such as airports, embassies, shopping malls, medical facilities, schools, banks, commercial buildings etc.

Masimba Holdings Limited also render the civil engineering services such as building bridges, railway lines, water irrigation systems, road networks, concrete silos and materials handling.

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6). Asphalt Products (Pvt) Ltd

Asphalt Products (Pvt) Ltd is ranked among the top road construction companies in Zimbabwe. It was first established in 1996 and is one of the oldest construction companies in Zimbabwe.

Asphalt Products (Pvt) Ltd provides services such as bulk earthworks, hot asphalt overlay, spray and chip surfacing, Water and Sewer Reticulation, infrastructural development and road surface repairs.

Their major construction projects are the Construction of Norton Tollgate and Empumalanga West Roads and Storm Water Drainage construction.

7). SX Construction 

SX Construction was established in 2019 and is ranked among the top road construction companies in Zimbabwe.

SX Construction's major projects in Zimbabwe include; cyclone Idai Chimanimani road repairs, construction of Borrowdale residential properties and Beitbridge reclaiming and widening roads projects. 

When it comes towards roads and earthwork, SX Construction provides the services of Road signs, Site Clearing, Bulk Earthworks, Stormwater Drainage, Subsurface Drainage Systems, and Layer works and Surfacing.

SX Construction is also charged with the construction of bridges, pump stations, concrete side drains in roads, concrete culverts etc.

8). Palmer Construction Zimbabwe

Palmer Construction is a group of experts in civil and electrical engineering who came together to provide the best of the best when it comes towards construction services in Zimbabwe.

When it comes towards civil engineering services, Palmer construction provides its customers with products, road construction and hot asphalt mix.

They have all the necessary equipment needed to carry out any construction task such as slurry seal patching and surfacing, pothole patching, slacks repairs, edge patching, crack sealing etc.

9). Pevimag Contractors

Pevimag Contractors is a private construction company in Zimbabwe. It's one of the oldest construction companies in the state. It was first established in 1995. Pevimag Contractors have highly trained and qualified experts working in its domain.

Major services render include Water reticulation networks, Sewerage reticulation services, roads and stormwater drainage, Reservoirs and dams, Water and sewerage treatment plants etc.

Pevimag Contractors also render drilling services such as Borehole drilling and borehole maintenance.

Pevimag Contractors are also involved with the construction of schools, renovation of floors, painting, plumbing, tiling etc.

10). Roadworx Zimbabwe

When it comes towards the delivery of quality and efficient work Roadworx is well known in Zimbabwe and other African countries such as South Africa.

Roadsworx is involved with rendering construction services such as paving and seal works, road resurfacing (Car parks, Industrial estates, Housing estates, Traffic calming and Sports grounds etc) and Pothole Mix.

When it comes towards paving and seal works, Roadworx provides services such as Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Milling, Single Seal, Double Seal, Cape Seal Slurry Seal etc.

Final Conclusions

There are many more road construction companies in Zimbabwe. But the above-listed stands to be the top 10 in the country. Each construction services vary among them. Most are located within major towns and can easily be accessible.