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Top 10 Interior Design Firms in Johannesburg [2023]

 Top 10 Interior Design Firms  in Johannesburg 

Are you looking for the best interior design firms in Johannesburg South Africa? If yes, then this article is for you.

Interior design has become a very important aspect of the lives of the inhabitants of Johannesburg. Over the past few years, many south Africans have begun to understand the impact of these designs on their lives and their environment.

There are many professional interior design firms in Johannesburg seeking to provide excellent services to the population, but here are the top interior design firms in Johannesburg you should know.

Top 10 Interior Design Firms Johannesburg

1). By Dezign Interiors

When it comes towards interior design services, By Dezign Interiors has been ranked as one of the best firms in Johannesburg and South Africa as a whole.

Dezign Interiors has been in business operation for more than 16 years and ever since provided the public with quality and cold services.

Design Interiors is specialize in modern designs that will turn your home, office space, restaurants or snack bar etc. into a dream come true.

Design Interiors can render you services such as kitchen designs and layouts, interior and exterior finishes, rugs, flooring, carpeting, artwork, framing, pictures, lighting, lamp systems etc.

2). Spegash Interiors

Another Top-notch interior design firm in Johannesburg is Spegash Interiors. She is involved in the interior design of residential, retail and commercial properties.

Some of the great commercial projects she completes include Ashford Cottage Air BnB, Pareto Ho IIIovo etc. While some of her retail projects include Cresta Shopping mall and Menlyn VIP Lounge.

Spegash Interiors has also compted some successful major residential interior designs such as Parkwood Residence, Forest Town Residence, and Waterfall Estate Residence etc.

3). Generation Interior Design & Designer Furniture Store

This interior design firm is classified as one of the top glamorous interior design firms in Johannesburg.

Table designs, objects design, lighting designs, and furniture designs, are all services rendered by Generation Interior Design & Designer Furniture Store.

All these products are imported and are sold at their head branch office at our Hyde Park, Johannesburg store.

4). Lynne Blumberg Interior Design

Lynne Blumberg Interior Design is one of the prestigious interior design firms in Johannesburg South Africa.

Its reputation and name are well-known in major cities in South Africa. It greatly involves interior designing of residential, institutional, hospitality and retail designs.

Lynne Blumberg Interior Design offers major designs that are of Turkey origins.

Lynne Blumberg Interior Design works in partnerships with gardens design firms, architectural design firms and other firms that are largely involved with interior design.

Lynne Blumberg Interior Design also provides the sales of accessories such as antiques, rugs, framing and arts.


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5). Metaphor Design

Founded in 2012, Metaphor Design Studio is a top-notch interior design firm in South Africa.

Metaphor Design is involved in the Joinery & cabinetry design and supply, holistic designs, installations, furniture designs and supply, interior architecture and project management services.

Metaphor Design provides interior architecture services such as layout and specification schedules for flooring, sanitary fixtures, electrical lighting systems, and wall finishes.

Metaphor Design also involves Joinery & cabinetry design and supply services render including kitchen cabinetry, inbuilt cupboards, living space and bathroom vanity units etc.

6). Hlayi Deco

Hlayi Deco is one of the interior design firms that are black-owned. It involves a variety of different services such as interior design and decorations.

It also renders other services such as Painting and supply of paints products, plumbing services, carpeting, Waterproofing, and Wooden and laminate flooring just to name a few.

7). Andrew Mackenzie Interiors

Andrew Mackenzie Interiors is one of the leading interior and decoration designers in Johannesburg.

He has provided a whole lot of amazing services in the city when it comes towards interior designing, and rendering services to the residential, hospitality industry and corporate institutions.

Andrew's success in interior designing comes from the fact that he works closely with his clients, making sure he understands the vision and tasks to be accomplished. His residential designs are astonishing and come from inspiration he draws from travelling around the world.

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8). GASS Architecture Studios

GASS Architecture Studios is a bespoke architectural design studio specializing in urban regeneration, architecture, and interior design.

GASS Architecture Studios is more focused on the regeneration and creation of well design cities. This interior design firm is more focused on designing large residential properties, and commercial and retail developments across most urban spaces.

Their major successful projects in South Africa include; Barlow Park, Green school SA, Jewel City, One On Mutual, Spar Polo field etc.

9). Anita's Interiors

Anita's Interiors creates and designs bespoke interiors that exemplify quality, care, and attention to detail in each design project undertaken.

With over 28 years of operation, Anita’s interior offers the general public variety of design services.

Anita Interior provides a variety of services such as Home Styling Consultation, 3D Designs, Furniture Upholstery & Manufacture, Luxury Custom Made Curtains, Revamp Of Old Furniture, Blinds, Shutters and installation of Wallpapers.

Anita’s Interior also render services of 3D design to homes, apartment, office design, shop designs, and different colour and types of designs.

Anita’s Interior supplies varieties of different blinds to its customers such as Screen Roller Blinds, Blockout Roller Blinds, Light Filtering Roller Blinds, Wood Venetian Blinds, Ripple Shade Strings, Blockout Roller Blinds, Light Filtering Roller Blinds, Allusion Blinds, Cellular Blinds and Outdoor Blinds.

10). LYT Architecture

The last on the list of top interior design firms in Johannesburg is LYT Architecture. It's one of the only interior design firms that operate both in South Africa and in other West African countries such as Nigeria.

LYT Architecture, which merged former TPS.P Architects and Facets Interiors, offers over 50 years of combined professional practice and expertise. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive range of architectural and interior design services to a diverse range of clients.

LYT Architecture provides services to the following sectors of business, Leisure & Hospitality, Retail, Industrial & Mining, Commercial, Educational & Community and Transportation.

LYT Architecture designs are of turkey origin, displaying different cultural aspects and lifestyles of the Turks.


There are many more interior design firms in Johannesburg. However, we have presented to you the top best interior design firms. As you read through, you observed that each firm looks different from another in the types of services provided.

If you live in Johannesburg before and have used the services provided by any interior design firms above, please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.